What is Quick mode?

Last updated March 18, 2024
Quick mode is a mode that allows users to automatically create complete music with just one click.
This mode supports a variety of genres, including new age, techno, house, and trap.
If you are a user who wants to quickly and easily access complete music for background music for media creation or music sketching, try Quick mode.

Quick Mode

  • Complete song creation with one-click
  • Create songs of your desired style through creation options including various genres
  • Bring the desired song to the studio and make simple editing
  • Provides more tracks (instrument composition) than Basic mode
  • Various instruments can be changed for each track
  • Can be downloaded as a single audio file or as an audio/MIDI file for each instrument
How do I use Quick mode?
What is Basic mode?
What is the difference between Quick/Basic mode?
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