How do I use Basic Mode?

Last updated March 14, 2024
In Basic mode, you can generate the desired chord progression, and based on this, generate and edit music one by one for each track (instrument composition) from scratch.
Additionally, you can perform various works such as creating lyrics using ChatGPT, changing virtual instruments, editing MIDI, and downloading music.
The basic workflow for using Basic mode is as follows.
  1. Set up project for work
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      To set up the basic project for music work, first set the tempo, key, and genre at the top of the studio.
  1. Generate chord progression
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      Once the setup is complete, generate a chord progression for the part to create the framework of the song. Chord progression can be generated by clicking the purple star-shaped auto generation button.
  1. Assign part
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      Once you have generated a chord progression, now assign the part (chord progression) to the area (8 bars) where you want to create music. Areas in the same column share one part.
  1. Auto generate music
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      In areas where a part is assigned, music can be automatically generated based on the chord progression of that part. Click the star-shaped auto generate button to create a region and the music that will be included in it.
  1. Edit music
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      If there is a part of the created music that you want to edit, double-click the region and edit the part you want.
      notion image
      By double-clicking on the region, you can directly edit the MIDI notes. You can change the pitch by moving the note up or down, and you can change the starting point of the note by moving it left or right. You can also change the sound playback time by decreasing or increasing the length of the note.
  1. Change instrument
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      The color of the sound in the created region can be changed by changing the instrument for each track (row).
  1. Export music
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      If you want to save the completed music, click the file icon at the top of the studio to download it as an MP3 file.
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