What is Basic mode?

Last updated March 14, 2024
Basic mode is a mode in which the user creates music components one by one from scratch through the chord progression and the automatic generation feature for each track (instrument composition).
In addition to automatic music generation, this mode provides a lyric generation feature through ChatGPT and various guide content for composition guidance.
If you have difficulty using DAW, a music work tool, or are a beginner with no expert knowledge of music or a user who wants to learn composition, try the Basic mode.

Basic Mode

  • A song created automatically from chord progression to beat
  • Create music elements of your desired style through creation options including various genres
  • Generate chord progressions according to genre
  • Generate melody, accompaniment, bass, and beat according to chord progression
  • Automatically generated music can be edited for each track (instrument composition)
  • Various instruments can be changed for each track
  • Can be downloaded as a single audio file and MIDI files you are working on
How do I use Basic Mode?
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